Interested in serving your community?  We're looking for neighbors interested in joining the Board for the 2020/21 Board year.  Please contact if you are interested, or you wish to nominate someone.

​Happy Canyon Homeowners Association – Mission Statement

Mission:  To create a sense of community among neighbors; provide education and resources to keep our community safe; and to preserve and protect the wildlife and environment we all call home.

Our mission is supported by the efforts of our committees:

Community Committee – Welcome committee, communication, community events.
Safety Committee – Wildfire awareness, road safety, neighborhood watch.
Environmental Committee – Wildfire, wildlife, and water management.

These efforts will have a direct impact on the quality of life in Happy Canyon.  These causes and issues have historically been important to our residents, and the efforts and results of these programs will enhance the value of the HCHOA, help create a greater sense of community, and ensure that Happy Canyon is a wonderful place to live for generations to come.

HCHOA Board - 2019/2020

Bill Baird

Ali Bandell

James Coope (President)

Debbie Duhon (Treasurer)

Arnon Levary (Secretary)

Les Lilly​

Hal VanHercke 

The HOA email contact is